About: Louis Ferrante

When I was in my teens, I loved learning but never liked school. To me, school was like prison. And so I went down the wrong path and ended up—in prison. Locked away in my prison cell, I educated myself; I read thousands of books and pursued multiple subjects, wherever my interests took me. Self-education was the only type suitable for my rebellious nature and although I was locked up, learning liberated my mind and I felt more freedom than I'd ever felt before.

Since I was released from prison, I've written a memoir about criminal life and the horrors of prison, a business book that doubles as a self-help guide, a scientific theory about the human brain, and while I was still in prison, I wrote a novel set in the antebellum south which I intend to publish soon. I've also hosted and produced television shows about business, gangs and prisons, and animal welfare. My books have been translated into 16 languages and my TV shows have been dubbed in countless languages and air all over the world. As you can see from my varied body of work, I continue to let my interests lead the way when it comes to the books and TV shows I now produce.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking a moment to get to know me better. Have faith, work hard, and never lose sight of your goals, Lou.

Former Mafia Leader, Now Business Professional - Lou Ferrante