My Books

I fell in love with books in the strangest place — prison.

Inside my cell, I taught myself to write, reading eighteen hours a day and studying the writing styles of the world's greatest authors whose books have stood the test of time. I'd read until the muscles in my eyes hurt and I often fell asleep in my cell with a book on my chest.

My first book, Unlocked, is a memoir about my criminal life and the horrors of prison. The book, published by Harper Collins, was optioned by actress Lorraine Bracco but the rights have reverted back to me and are currently available.

My second book, Mob Rules, is an international bestseller. It is a business book that's been translated into 16 languages and is listed as one of the World's Best Business Books by Forbes columnist Marc Kramer.

My third book, The Three Pound Crystal Ball, is a science book based on many years of research. It's a theory I began to piece together while in jail though I wrote the book while free. The book was picked up by an academic publisher but I chose to publish it myself due to the high price of academic books which conflicts with my goal of reaching everyday readers.

I'm an avid reader and living proof that books can change someone's life. I promote literacy and reading every chance I get and I'm happy to say that my volunteer work and contribution to inspiring others in the pursuit of literacy was recognized at a ceremony at London's Number 10 Downing Street, where I received the Celebrity Reading Hero Award under British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

Feel free to write me with any questions or comments. I'll try my best to get back to you.

One-On-One PBS Interview with Steve Adubato

In a very personal interview, Steve Adubato and I discuss my formative years on the street, my epiphany in prison, and my journey of self-reflection through the process of writing "Unlocked."

Mob Rules

Mob Rules - Mafia Business Book

"Ferrante draws on an extensive knowledge of world events, mob lore, and personal experience to deliver an engrossing effort that reads like a rousing memoir, meditation on world history and mafia expose all in one."

– Kirkus Reviews


Unlocked by Lou Ferrante - A Personal Memoir

"Reads like a Puzo novel on steroids...a raw brutal memoir...this true crime account does not resemble any of the cardboard wise guys of the tube or the silver screen. It definitely grabs the reader's attention."

– Publishers Weekly

The Three Pound Crystal Ball

Unlocked by Lou Ferrante - A Personal Memoir

"Being inside Ferrante's mind is an amazing experience."

– Joel Stein, Senior Columnist for Time magazine

Foreign Editions
  • Mob Rules International Best Seller
  • Mob Rules in Portugese
  • Mob Rules in Dutch
  • Mob Rules in French
  • Mob Rules in German
  • Mob Rules in Italian
  • Mob Rules in Japanese
  • Mob Rules in Korean
  • Mob Rules in Rusiian
  • Mob Rules in Spanish
  • Mob Rules in Taiwanese
  • Mob Rules in Serbia
  • Mob Rules in Bulgaria
  • Mob Rules in Hungary