Television: Inside the Gangsters' Code

As a professional commentator, I've appeared on numerous international news stations such as MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and CBC Canada. I've also been a repeat guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In my series, Inside the Gangsters' Code, I travel around the globe to hang out with the world's deadliest gangs. I also reveal secrets of the world's most powerful gangsters whose international reach has grown to epic levels. I dig deep into the epicenter of gang culture and organized crime, exploring their control of the world's most dangerous prisons.

From El Salvador and the Philippines to Italy and Poland, I set out to investigate the origins of these prison gangs, delving into their history, chain of command, motivations and political sway. Some gangs rule the streets from inside prison and even control the communities around them.

At times, I'm fully immersed in the culture of each gang, both inside and outside prison. I live alongside prisoners, talk to guards, and come face to face with the top soldiers and gang bosses who reign over these dangerous and powerful organizations.

Take a look at the trailer and join me on a journey.

Inside the Gangsters' Code Intro

To unravel the world of a gangster, I have to travel back to where it all began for me: prison. This trailer for my television show highlights the lives, the crimes, and the motivations of gangsters around the globe and their struggle for survival.